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Granite or Marble Flooring – How to decide??

Granite or Marble Flooring – How to decide??

When you are planning to build your dream home, lots of effort goes into the basic features such as wall type, floor design, kitchen and bathroom styling, etc. You select the raw materials that are not expensive and yet are easy to maintain. Talking about the floor, it happens to be the base to any decor, and is most prone to wear and tear by foot traffic, environmental and climatic factors. Thus, selecting the right material for floor can seem a bit tough. Yet, one can go for either marble or graphite stones. The problem arises as to which will be suitable for your home?


You want to be sure to pick the right material for your home flooring which will grow with your home. Also, the look should stand the test of time and make the occupants feel as the place where they first stepped in. Selection of marble for the floors do give a great look to your home. Being of a porous nature, they are more susceptible to spill stains. Any cleaning with vinegar or nail polish remover can do damage to the quality and finish of the marble thereby giving it a bad look. Scratches also pose a concern for the surface value of the marble. So, if you are looking towards a rough going in your house or work place, better be advised not to go for marble flooring.

So, the other option that we've got is granite. It has got less porosity as compared to marble which means no worry for stains. Being a tough stone, scratches just don't happen that much. In short, it is the perfect flooring that fits on your durability scale.

Maintenance factor

Granite requires less maintenance as compared to marble. Granite stones are durable with good strength characteristics. Marbles are also not that hard to maintain although the stains have to be cleaned off quickly and timely sealing of the stone is required. Care has to be taken with cleaning agents like vinegar, hard detergents, etc as they can damage the stone surface.

Variety & Pricing of Stone

Pricing of the stone depends upon its rarity and grade/colour. Marble is a shiny stone with varied grades of white colour and vein like lines that add to its value. Depending upon the quality and grade of stone, price varies per sq. ft. from $6 - $20 in general. On the other hand, granite is a rough stone often used for special flooring requirements and pavements. Its robust look adds to the beauty of the place. Coming in various sorts of colours and depending upon the required size, price can vary between $9 - $25 per square foot. The prices exclude installation work.


Finally, the decision rests on the homemaker. Choice has to be upon the wall styling and your room design. Granite floor can fit your living room but with kitchen, you have to understand the counter top and cabinet design before going for the floor. Similarly, bathroom flooring has to sync with the installation and wall designs. So, check on the varied colours and styles available in the market before selecting a particular stone.


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